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Village History


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Village History


Varying names for the village:

1773 Hrabszkj, Hrabske, 1786 Hrabszky, 1808 Hrabszke, Hrabské, 1863–1902 Hrabszke, 1907–1913 Geréb, 1920– Hrabské


County and Region:

Hrabske is located in the District of Bardejov, North-East Slovakia. 


Village Statistics:

In 1600 the village had 13 homes.  In 1787 there were 64 homes and 312 inhabitants, in 1828 there were 77 houses and 588 inhabitants.  As of 2001 there were 113 houses (96 were permanently inhabited) and 567 residents. As of 2005 the village consisted of 545 residents.



The village was established in the 13th century and belonged to the Royal Castle.  In 1338 the Hungarian King donated property between the Toplou and Malcovsky streams.  The village was built by settlers and was owned by the Zednickovcov, Bakoniovcov and Petrociovcov aristocratic families.  In the 14th century the village is listed as Grabow and in the 18th century the name was changed to Hrabszke.  The residents are employed in farming and the manufacturing of wooden tools.  As of 2001 a Roma village is located approximately one mile from the entrance to the town. 

The seal of Hrabske dates from 1787 (Hrabszke) and from 1851.  The seal depicts a plant with four shoots that have raspberries attached. In 1868 the village had a new seal made which at present is part of a historical collection in the Saris Museum in Bardejov.  The vines on this seal grow in the area of Hrabske and this motive is not found in any other seal in the Saris district.



The Greek Catholic Church of Saint Dimitri the Martyr was constructed of stone in 1882 and from testimony of parishioners; it was constructed by Mrs. Austerlitz.  Prior to this the church was constructed of wood. The church was repaired and remolded in 1897, 1919-20, 1939, 1956, 1966-67, 1971, 1977-80, 1985, 1992 and 1998-2003.  There is a shrine in the church with a relic of Blessed Basil Hopko.  The shrine is located to the right of the iconostasis.  A rectory was constructed in front of the church in 1937 but it is no longer in use.  There are two shrines in the area of the village; one is dedicated to the Holy Family and the other to the Virgin Mary.  There is also a large wooden crucifix shrine in front of the shrine to the Virgin Mary. 

Greek Catholic Priests Who of Hrabske:


1726-1746, Juraj Nihalovsky, 1788-1805, Vasil Demjanovic, 1805-1817, Jan Halik, 1818-1873, Vasil Demjanovic, 1874-1874, Ludovit Toronsky, 1874-1880, Michal Chamilla, 1880-1890, Kornel Mankovic, 1891-1897, Mikulas Mankovic, 1898-1900, Viktor Keukanic, 1900-1920, Michal Cisarik, 1920-1921, Stefan Beskid, 1923-1924,Stefan Nemec, 1925-1927, Andrej Zidisin, 1927 to 1934, Jozef Molcan, 1934-1942, Stefan Haluska, 1942-1947 Teodor Sedlak.

Notable Personalities:

Blessed Bishop Basil Hopko was born in Hrabske on April 21, 1904. Bishop Hopko was the Auxiliary Bishop of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Presov. He was beatified at a Mass celebrated by His Holiness, John Paul II on September 14, 2003 in Bratislava.



Village Photos


The following images are provided by, The Greek Catholic Archbishop of Presov


Village & Surrounding Area








The Greek Catholic Church of Saint Dimitri the Martyr





Shrine in the Church of Blessed Bishop Basil Hopko