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Village History


Village Photos

Courtesy of Gregory Dibb, John Dornik & Steven Osifchin


Mixed Rite Marriages

(1800-1836) Courtesy of Tom Peters


Plavnica Jewish Cemetery

Photos Courtesy of Steven M. Osifchin. Translations Courtesy of Menachem Honig


Videos of the Village






Village History

The center of the village is 530 meters above sea level. PLAVNICA is situated in the LEVOCA MOUNTAINS in the valley of the creek SAMBRONKA. Most of the surrounding area is forested with pine trees and there are rolling hills in this area. There is a sulfur spring in this area and the soils are mostly brown. The village is first mentioned in 1325 when DRUGETH commanded the inheritor Mayor Mikulas to inhabit Plavnica which was partly deserted. In 1366 there is mention of New Plavnica. In 1427 these two villages merged. It was a serf village to the Plavec castle. From the 16th century it belonged to the family PALOCSAY. In 1787 the village had 135 houses and 1,055 inhabitants. In 1828 there were 167 houses and 1,211 inhabitants. During the second part of the 19th century there was a lumber mill located here and a sand quarry. At the beginning of the 20th century there was liquor manufacturing here. In 1880 and in 1914 there was a mass exodus of people who moved to find employment. Many inhabitants of this village immigrated to the United States. Today, many of the inhabitants are employed in various industrial factories which are located in Presov, Stara Lubovna and other towns. Private farmers still work the soil in this village. There is a development of row housing around the creek and folk costumes are a variant from the village of Jakubany which is not far from Plavnica. Christmas theatrical plays were still held here during the early part of the 20th century.




imgTo this day there have been only two churches serving the village of Plavnica. The Roman Catholic Church of St. James is in early Gothic style and dates from 1325. It was remodeled after 1662. During the first part of the 18th century the church was remodeled to the Baroque style.










imgIn 1998 construction began on a new Roman Catholic Church. This was completed in the year 2003. The new church was dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows and opened its’ doors in that same year. St. James has been decommissioned and its’ parishioners now attend Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church.








The Evangelical Lutheran Church was constructed in 1806. The chapel located at the cemetery was built in 1826.











Village Statistics




There have been different names of the village over time:

1325 Plavnich, 1366 Nova Plaunych, 1427 Plavnicha, 1773 Plawnicza, 1920 Plavonica, 1927 Plavnica, Hungarian: Plavnica.




Village is located in former Saris County; then was part of the Presov region until 1960. In 1968 village was placed in Stara Lubovna district, Eastern Slovakia Region.


Population during various periods:


1869-1,327, 1880-1,525, 1890-1,294, 1900-1,207, 1910-1,059, 1921-932, 1930-1,062, 1940-1,245, 1948-1,342, 1961-1,380,1970-1,475.




Village size is 1953 HA. HA is short for Hektar. 1 Hektar is 2,471 acres. 


Ethnic Makeup:


The historical ethnic makeup of the village was that of Slovak and Slovak/Germans along with Gypsies, Jews, and a limited number of Carpatho-Rusyns, and Hungarians.


Mixed Rite Marriages


Marriage Entries From Plavnica, Slovakia (RC) Church:

Greek Catholics From Ujak & Hajtovka

1800 - 1836


This information was graciously offered to TCC by Mr. Tom Peters. Tom has been involved with genealogical work for many years. We thank Tom for his time and for his generosity in sharing this information with others. Thanks Tom!


20 May 1806

Stephan MUHA, GC, Hajtovka & Anna GERAK, RC, Hajtovka

17 Nov 1806

Petrus ARENDACS, GC, Hajtovka & Catharina KADUTSEK, RC, Hajtovka


17 Nov 1806

Miklus ZAVACZKY, GC, Hajtovka & Susanna STUPAK, RC, Hajtovka


9 Nov 1807

Joannes MIKULIK, GC, Ujak & Maria DZATKO, RC, Ujak


16 Nov 1807

Joannes KNAP, GC, Hajtovka & Susanna SZTARINSZKY, RC, Hajtovka


19 Nov 1810

Joseph SZOVA, GC, Hajtovka & Maria MURCZKO, RC, Hajtovka


2 Sept 1811

Andreas MURCZKO, GC, Hajtovka & Susana BARAN, RC, Hajtovka


5 Oct 1811

Vaszko VANCSO, GC, Ujak & Catharina Tengi, RC, Hajtovka


24 Nov 1812

Andreas ARENDACS, GC, Hajtovka & Susana STUPAK, RC, Hajtovka


19 June 1826

Joannes KOLYAR, GC, Ujak & Anna BEDNAR, RC, Ujak


28 Nov 1826

Demetrius SZOVA, GC, Ujak & Anna JANOSTSIK, RC, Ujak


17 June 1829

Michael SZOVA, GC, widower, 28, Hajtovka & Susanna MUHA, RC, 21, Hajtovka


2 Nov 1829

Michael LISTSINSZKY, GC, 30, Hajtov & Maria FEDORKO, RC, 16, Hajtovka


14 Nov 1831

Michael FEDUS, widower, GC, 30, Hajtovka & Susanna PJURA, RC, 24, Gromos


14 Nov 1831

Michael ARENDACS, GC, 21, Hajtovka & Maria PRUZINSKY, RC, 18, Hajtovka


21 Nov 1831

Michael LISTSINSZKY, widower, GC, 30, Hajtovka & Susanna RAUBERSTRAUCH, RC, 17, Plavnica.


12 Feb 1832

Michael ARENDACS, GC, 25, Hajtovka & Juditha BEDNAR, RC, 25, Hajtovka


2 Feb 1835

Basil MIKULIK aka KATSMARUV, widower, GC, 37, Ujak & Anna TENGI, 28, RC, Hajtovka.


11 Feb 1836

Michael HOLODNYAK, widower, GC, 43, Ujak & Maria KUCSMA, RC, 20, Hajtovka.


11 Feb 1836

Georg ROLA, GC, 21, Ujak & Maria KNAP, RC, 19, Hajtovka


14 Feb 1836

Michael KSENYAK, widower, 49, Ujak & Susana PJURA, widow, 38, Hajtovka


21 Nov 1836

Joannes HRINYA, GC, 22, Ujak & Maria PRUZINSKY, RC, 19


21 Nov 1836

Michael MIKULIK, GC, 20, Ujak & Maria KNAP, RC, 17



Plavnica Jewish Cemetery



The Plavnica Jewish Cemetery is located on an isolated agricultural hillside with no sign or marker. It can be reached by crossing a public field or by following the dirt road up from the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Access is open to all via a broken masonry wall without gate. There are 20-30 visible stone 19th-20th century flat shaped tombstones with Hebrew inscriptions. 18 of the stones that had enough visible writing are transcribed here. There may have been other stones not visible due to the overgrown vegetation.


TCC would like to thank Menachem Honig for his translation of the dates and for his efforts in seeking out the assistance of Dr. Esther Cohen. The original dates were Jewish ones. Dr. Cohen translated the “poetic” text and the acrostics, although the names are written with a different number of letters in Hebrew. The photos are courtesy of Steven M. Osifchin. Photographed in May, 2004.



imgHere lies

Our mentor, Rabbi Yosef Friedmannen

(Son of Hai, may he rest in peace)

Who died on November 2, 1915

Your hands were not bound and your feet did not respond

On the loss of the Ark of the Torah I will take ? ?? ???

So our protector has gone, our joy became mourning and grief

(E)For here lies Yosef, a fruitful bough, a beloved soul

Sighing and tearful  do I rise and lament I will for days on end

Our crown has fallen, dear soul

Hashem, (=God), Your beauty and Your glorious name shall appear in light

And Your deeds be shown to Your children, whose souls are intertwined with yours

In peace shall the deceased rest, and his soul be guarded with the living souls





Here lies

The dear man, eminent in Torah

And Godfearing ??

Zvi Eliezer

Son of our mentor, Rabbi Zeev Vilner, may his light shine

He was sick for most of his life, yet

He devoted himself to Torah and labor

?????? ???? in purity and righteousness

Died at 25 years of age on September 15, 1935

His mother was Friedel, may she rest in peace

May his soul be guarded with the living souls



imgHere lies

An old man, full of years

The honorable Rabbi Shlomo

Son of our mentor, rabbi Yitshak Kornfeld

Died on ____________________

May his soul be guarded with the living souls



imgHere lies

An upstanding and righteous man, eminent in Torah

The honorable Rabbi Tovi' Katz

Son of the honorable Rabbi Eliezer Leni?

Died on November 17, 1918

T? ascended to heaven

Of him we know that a lover of peace was he

Very deeply do we feel his absence

Indeed, his name will not be forgotten

(k)Also a reminder            

To all, his righteousness glory and splendor will ever be

May his soul be guarded with the living souls





Here lies

A man of righteous ways

???? in deeds and sublime of stature

The great rabbi

Our mentor, Yosef Aryeh, blessed be his memory

Son of Rabbi Moshe Bergmann may his light shine

From the village of Maly Lipnik

Died and buried at the age of 64

On July 30, 1915

Yosef devoted his days to labor, his nights to the divine

On his shoulders bore he the yoke of Torah and of obeying the commandments

Several books purchased he, to pursue the T(orah)

(e)Funds galore gave he to aid the poor who arrived

Always to find bread and board in his home ???? wide open was it

Righteous and kind was his soul, a doer of good, never evil

Yes, a ???? of love, and his share of heaven did grow

(e)His sons' and daughters' praises to this do attest

May his soul be guarded with the living souls





Here lies                                             

An upright and unblemished man

Who trod righteous paths

The honorable Rabbi Eliyahu

Son of the honorable Rabbi Alexander

Died on February 4, 1912

May his soul be guarded with the living souls        

Here lies

A cherished woman

She stretched out her hand to the poor

Mrs. Leah

Daughter of the honorable Rabbi Zeev

Died on March 26, 1911

May her soul be guarded with the living souls





Here lie


An upright and unblemished man

Old and full of years

The honorable Rabbi Zeev

Son of ??? Yehuda

Died on December 21, 1898

May his soul be guarded with the living souls



The cherished and modest                               

Woman, Mrs. Tzirtel                                                

Wife of Rabbi Zeev                                







Here lies

An upright and unblemished woman

Dear Mrs. Sarah

Daughter of Rabbi Zeev, may he rest in peace


Died on March 20, 1939

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here lies

A cherished and important woman

Mrs. Riva Gittel

Daughter of our mentor, Rabbi ???? Halevi

Wife of our mentor, Shlomo Zalman, may he rest in peace


Died on January 24, 1939

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here lies

A modest woman Mrs. Mindel

Daughter of our mentor, Yaacov, may he rest in peace

Wife of Rabbi Shmuel Goldman

Died on March 6, 1934

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here lies

A modest and cherished woman

Mrs. Frieda

Daughter of Rabbi Shmuel Goldman

Died on August 5, 1916

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here is buried

The cherished woman, Mrs. Frieda

Daughter of M Avraham Moshe, may he rest in peace

Wife of Rabbi Hayim Friedman

Died on December 15, 1917

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here lies

The cherished and praiseworthy woman

Mrs. Rosa

Daughter of Rabbi Yisrael, may he rest in peace

Wife of Rabbi Yeheskel


Died on May 3, 1936

May her soul be guarded with the living souls





The modest and important woman

Mrs. Gittel

Daughter of Rabbi Dov Sega

Wife of Rabbi Yisrael Siegeler

Died on the Fast of Gedalyahu, September 19, 1917

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here lies

An upright and righteous man


Of unblemished deeds

Kind to the poor

The honorable Rabbi Shmuel, may he rest in peace

Son of the honorable Rabbi Zvi Goldmannen, may he rest in peace

Died on the eve of the Day of Atonement, September 14, 1937

May his soul be guarded with the living souls





Here lies

A cherished woman, full of years

Mrs. Haya

Daughter of the honorable Rabbi, Zee Fireberg, may he rest in peace

Wife of M Yechiel Neimannen

Died on March 23, 1931

May her soul be guarded with the living souls






Here lies a cherished and modest woman

Mrs. Reisel, daughter of










Here lies

A righteous man full of years

The honorable rabbi Zvi son of Rabbi Yehuda





Videos of the Village




The New Church of Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church with Clips of the Old Church of Saint James