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Village History


Hromoš is a picturesque village situated on the northern slope of the Levoca Mountains. The highest point in the municipality is Hromovec hill from which it takes the name. The first written record of the village dates from 1427 under the name “Sumus”. From the year 1600 it was known as Gromos, in 1773 Gromoss, 1786 Gromosch, in 1808 Gromos, 1907 Kormos, 1920 Gromoš, and since 1948 it is known as Hromoš. The village is part of Kozelec referred to in 1427 as Kozlyk. The inhabitants were farmers, weavers, shepherds, and also forestry workers. The village belonged to the castle and estate of Plaveč.

Dominating the village scenery is the former Roman Catholic Church of St. Luke the Evangelist which was built in 1895. A cemetery surrounds the church building with the largest section located behind the church. In the nearby town of Kozelec the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church was established in 1912. The parish of St. James Roman Catholic Church located in Plavnica was in times past in charge of maintaining the church vital records for both parishes. In 2003 a new Roman Catholic Church was built in Hromoš. The church is dedicated to St. Mary, Help of Christians.


St. Luke the Evangelist Church was at some point in its history converted to a Greek Catholic Church. In times past the Greek Catholic residents of both Hromoš and Kozelec were served by the Sambron Greek Catholic Church.  


The establishment of a general Grammar School school in Hromoš dates back to 1897. A kindergarten was established in the village in 1976. Sporting events take place at the local football field. There is an available bus and train service in the village.



St. Luke the Evangelist Greek Catholic Church













Assumption of the Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church



St. Mary, Help of Christians Roman Catholic Church