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Names of the Village


1390 Kyo, 1773 Kijov, 1786 Kijo, 1920 Kyjov; mad. Kijo; kyjovsky; Kyjovcan-ka.




Saris County, District Sabinov, Presov Region in 1960; Prešov district, from 1968 Stará Lubovna, Eastern Region.


Population Figures


1869-754, 1880-729, 1890-665, 1900-575, 1910-534, 1921-557, 1930-621, 1940-710, 1948-649, 1961820, 1970-828.


Size of Village and Specifics


The village is 3,815 acres large and the center of the village is 650 meters high.  The village lies near the Levoca Mountains with mountains named Cerchov in the area.  There are two rivers which intersect and the woodland areas are deforested.  The area lies in beautiful highlands and forms a natural barrier.  The soil is brown and there are many birch trees.  The village is near Sabinov.  The village was founded in the second half of the 14th century. The Estate was the territory of Kamenica during the 20th century.  There was a post office in this village.  In 1787 the village had 63 houses and 398 inhabitants, 1828 the village had 95 houses and 696 inhabitants. Villagers worked in the forest and growing grains.  During the second half of the 19th century the village saw its numbers fall due to immigration.  After 1918 the inhabitants of the village worked as farmers, raised livestock, performed seasonal work in the forests and mined charcoal. Near the village in the mountains during World War II was a partisan group called Cerchov. Today, villagers also work in CADT farms, Sabin Plants and in the towns of Lipany, Orlov, and Presov.


Social Life


In 1868 a dance hall called Potocna was built.  There was also a village folk group who held many dance performances here.




The Greek Catholic Church was built in 1850 and named the Nativity of Holy Mother of God Greek Catholic Church.  Priests who served this village in the early years were 1815-1823, Damian Copiak, 1824-1839, Peter Hvozdovic, 1839-1853, Juraj Lazar, 1853-1863, Anton Rojkovic, 1863-1864 Alexej Samovolsky, 1864-1898, Alojz Mraz and 1900-1948 Jakub Milly. 



Courtesy of Vladimir Vancik vancikv@yahoo.com


Area Near Kyjov & Šarišské Jastrabie



Nativity of Holy Mother of God Greek Catholic Church (A very isolated church)



Nativity of Holy Mother of God Greek Catholic Church